Development of the waterpower generator

The hydraulic power generation development that is the high efficiency which is not influenced by a setting place and the water current

The development of the waterpower generator which produces stable electricity by the small flow. The scale-up is easy, too; the most large size to ocean current (tide) generation is adaptive.

The original mechanism that pursued the biggest efficiency in the small water curren.

Our waterpower generator turns in the direction of the flow to get bigger power from a small flow. Because a cross section is small, flotsam is not clogged up and plans improvement of protection and the maintenance of machine parts.

For the imminent generation including the agriculture irrigation canal for private use

In the current, 30% of depth is generally the biggest speed from the surface of the water. I set it up in this biggest speed and plan conventional more efficient hydraulic power generation.

To generation bigger in scale-up to large size

Our waterpower generator can install it in large and small currents. The setting to the big river is possible, too

Prototype of the small waterpower generator and Operation test.

water power generator test machine(front) water power generator test machine(side) water power generator principle

The cross section is small to take energy out of the small water flow. A cross section is small, but lengthens the captain to get necessary energy. It dose not use fall energy of the water directly. So the big public works ( like Dam construction) are unnecessary. The body of the movable experiment is 200mm in width, 150mm in height, approximately 400mm in length

water power generator test running water power generator  

In a certain small river, We performed a movable examination anywhere. It is a small body, but it is stable and generates electricity.

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